Is it Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids?

Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Living with hearing aids not only improves hearing in general but also helps improve the quality of life for the wearers. As important as they are, it’s not surprising that many users take care of their devices, and as a result, many have lasted for years. While this can be an excellent habit, the downside is that the device can become less effective over time due to age and wear or the potential worsening of hearing loss. The difficulty comes over time with the slow changes that can be hard to notice. If you have found that your hearing aids are no longer working the way they should, it may be time to upgrade your hearing aids. To help aid you in the process, we have put together a guide to help you determine what your options are.

Upgrade Your Hearing Aids: Is It Time to Upgrade My Hearing Device?

1- Older Devices

As devices age, parts can wear out, and eventually, spare parts are no longer available as manufacturers move on to new designs and improved technology. Even a device that has received the best care will ultimately age out of use, either through normal wear and tear, damage due to accidents, or just getting older. On the other hand, dealing with or “making do” with older devices can be doing more harm than good if your devices become out of sync with your needs; you could be putting more stress on your hearing, compounding the issue.

2- Changes in Hearing Health

As time goes on, changes in health and hearing health could impact the effectiveness of your hearing aid devices. Conditions can worsen or improve over time, eventually requiring an adjustment or replacement. One sign that shows it’s time to see your audiologist is needing to turn up the volume on devices louder than before to hear every day sounds like conversations and television.

3- Change in Lifestyle

Key changes in activity patterns, either good or bad, can significantly impact hearing health. Improvement of health through better diet and exercise has been shown to help improve hearing health requiring adjustments to lower levels. At the same time, degenerative issues such as accidents and illness can lead to the need for more powerful assistance.

4- Technological Updates

Like all advanced technology on the market, each year brings innovations and improvements to every aspect of hearing aid devices. Hearing aid technology improvements in the form and function range, from more comfortable designs and lighter materials to improved adjustment features and intractability with modern devices through BlueTooth connections, providing more options for potential hearing aid device upgrades.

In the end, only a visit with your audiologist can answer the question of whether you need an upgrade or adjustment for your hearing aid device. If you have noticed changes in your hearing, make sure to schedule an appointment today.

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