Unhealthy Habits That Are Affecting Your Hearing

Unhealthy Hearing Habits

Everybody has habits, driving habits, eating habits, and sleeping habits, to name a few. But not all habits are equal. While some are very beneficial, others could be harming your hearing without realizing it. We have compiled a list of some of the most unhealthy hearing habits that you might be doing that could be harming your hearing health.

Unhealthy Hearing Habits: Bad Habits That Are Affecting Your Hearing


Sticking Things Smaller than Your Elbow Inside Your Ear

One of the most dangerous things to do to your ears is putting anything long and skinny inside them. The two most common culprits are cotton swabs, which can puncture eardrums and dirty fingers that can leave contaminants and bacteria behind to create problems later on.

Ignoring Early Signs of Hearing Loss

It’s never too early to get a hearing test if you suspect you are having issues. Putting off getting tested can lead to worse problems after early intervention is no longer an option.

Not Wearing Hearing Aids

Hearing aids provide functions to enable hearing and protect from further damage. But, it can’t do these things if you’re not wearing them. Make sure to follow your audiologist’s recommendations when wearing your hearing aid.

Exposure to Loud Music on Headphones or Lack of Protection From Loud Sounds

Subjecting your hearing to high decibel sounds is the most common way to damage hearing health. Keeping the volume low on headphones or using ear protection in loud environments are habits that will protect your hearing for years to come.

Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Some of the worst habits that can adversely affect hearing health are those we hardly think about but are present on a daily basis. Living a sedentary lifestyle void of exercise, eating an unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, or vaping are all bad habits that will negatively affect your hearing health. The age-old advice of exercising, eating a better diet, and cutting back or stopping the use of alcohol and nicotine are the best ways to improve your overall health, not just your hearing.

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