Tips for Halloween Costumes and Hearing Aids

Halloween Costumes and Hearing Aids

Halloween is fast approaching, and soon stores will sell out of costumes and makeup. For many who have waited until the last minute, the rush to get ready starts to set in. For those with hearing loss, hearing aids can complicate the entire process. However, the good news is that with just a little forethought and creativity, you can find ways to incorporate Halloween costumes and hearing aids without much fuss. If you find yourself at a loss, there is no reason to fear; we have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you get ready.

Halloween Costumes and Hearing Aids: Costume Tips for Hearing Aids

Hiding or Highlighting Your Device

The most important question to ask when planning your costume is whether or not the device will be visible. Many costumes have hats or wigs that can be used to conceal a hearing aid, and some even have ear accessories that can do the trick; be sure that any covering doesn’t interfere with the device’s operation.

Stickers and Bejeweling

Adding removable decorations can be a great way to make your hearing aid stand out while still matching a costume’s theme. Make sure to clean off any residue afterward with rubbing alcohol or cleaner.

Choose Materials Wisely

Be careful to choose materials and decorations that won’t interfere with the hearing aid’s operation. Things that could cover controls or ports should be avoided.

Avoid Paint

While decorating a hearing aid is a great way to get kids excited about wearing them, there are things to avoid to ensure the device’s continued operation. Paint is not a good idea for several reasons; thin and runny paint can seep into seams and clog vital parts. Later on, many paints will chip or flake off and could get into ports and other essential components.

Only Halloween?

Of course, decorating a hearing aid to match an outfit or mood doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween. Clingform and removable stickers that can be reused are a great way to add some fun to a device. Many hearing aid devices on the market today have removable coverings that can be customized and changed out with one another to allow for a variety of options.

So whether you decide to hide or highlight a hearing aid device, the critical part is that hearing difficulty doesn’t have to interfere with an enjoyable Halloween.

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