The Benefits of Cochlear Implants

Humans need to hear with both ears in order to hear every day sounds in stereo. If you were to hear only from one ear (unilateral hearing), it would be difficult to hear individual sounds around you. This difficulty is due to your head. By design, it acts as a barrier to sound that is coming from different directions. Your brain then finds it hard to process, and determining the direction and distance becomes difficult. Bilateral hearing is defined as being able to hear sound with both ears, which allows a person to determine direction and distance of sound, as well as listen to the world in stereo. However, some are born without this ability, and others lose their ability to hear due to trauma, or because of the aging process.

For individuals who are deaf or suffer from limited hearing, cochlear implants may be the answer you are seeking. Not only do they help people hear again, but they can also contribute to improving a person’s quality of life. For people whose hearing has been restored with a cochlear implant, their social interactions and thinking skills may also improve. Cochlear implantation allows you to enjoy the sounds of music, engage once again in conversations and hear the sounds around you with ease. There’s no doubt that hearing from both ears has its advantages and can have an impact on people’s livelihood. When a person has a cochlear implant, there are two parts. One part you can visibly see on the individual’s head, but there is another part that’s surgically inserted near the ear, underneath the skin. These two components interact and work with each other to change sound into electric signals. These electronic signals get sent to the hearing nerve and head straight to the brain.

Cochlear implantation can significantly benefit both children and adults. Read on to learn more about the benefits of cochlear implants.

  • Many can perceive soft, medium and loud sounds. Sounds can range from noise of leaves rustling to a door slamming shut.
  • Many can use the telephone again. This includes recognizing familiar voices through the phone, and the ability to make and hear a phone call.
  • Many can enjoy the sounds of music.
  • Many can understand speech. No lip-reading necessary!
  • Many can hear and decipher television shows.
  • Many can feel more confident, thus improving their quality of life.

Luckily, cochlear implants are covered by many insurance plans. Some individuals may require bilateral cochlear implants, when you have a cochlear implant in both ears, and some may benefit from bimodal hearing. Bimodal hearing is when you use a cochlear implant in one ear, and a hearing aid in the other ear. A person’s degree of hearing loss is the determining factor in this decision. While no two cases are the same, many people go on to live fuller, richer lives after cochlear implants. If you are interested in learning more, click here to read more about cochlear implantation. If you are in the NYC metro area, call us today to see if cochlear implantation is right for you.

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