Tips For Kids With Hearing Loss: Getting Ready For Back-To-School

Kids With Hearing Loss

All across America, as the autumn season returns, families begin the yearly ritual known as going back to school. However, returning to school can be very stressful for families with children suffering from hearing loss. Changes in routine, accompanied by the hectic pace of getting ready, are enough to overwhelm and add undue pressure on returning students. To help with this, we have compiled the best tips and tricks for kids with hearing loss to help reduce stress and make the transition from summer vacation to the new school year as easy as possible.

Tips For Kids With Hearing Loss for the New School Year

#1. Beginning the transition sooner than later will help reduce stress. There are a few tried and true methods to accomplish this:

• Begin purchasing supplies as soon as they are available.
• Attend the school’s open enrollment (open house) to ensure they know where the class is.
• Meet and introduce your child to their teacher.
• Ensure all medical tests and documentation are updated before visiting the school’s faculty.

#2. Check or upgrade hearing aid equipment and tests. Get current medical information together, so the school is not operating from outdated information.

• Most schools require that accommodations can only be given with current and proper documentation.
• Outdated medical information may not reflect your child’s current needs.
• Old or malfunctioning equipment can hinder communication and impact your child’s ability to learn.

#3. Talk to the audiologist and your child’s school about the available accommodations. New devices and accommodations are constantly being rolled out, so keeping up with the latest developments is essential.

• Ask about FM devices and amplifiers.
• Inquire about note-taking help and assistance.
• Talk about seating arrangements and distance from the instructor.

In the end, as the parent, you are your child’s best advocate for success at school. Taking proactive steps will help ensure hearing issues do not get in the way.

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