Back to School Hearing Loss: Tips for Students with Hearing Impairments

Back to School Hearing Loss Tips

Once again, autumn has arrived, which also means it’s time to go back to school. While many look forward to things going back to normal, for many, the approach of the new year of school is met with a hectic pace in order to prepare. For students who suffer from hearing impairments, the new school year can be challenging to deal with at the best of times. The best way to head off any problems is to plan accordingly, and it can be essential to help avoid any extra frustrations. So, whether it’s grade school, high school, or even college, here are some back to school hearing loss tips to help you and your hearing-impaired student make the most of their first day.

Back to School Hearing Loss Tips for Students with Hearing Impairments

• If they have been fitted for a hearing aid, make sure to encourage its use, even if they are somewhat hesitant about it. People can sometimes be sensitive about looking out of place; luckily, there are many options for accessories and add-ons that can make a hearing less noticeable or even more fashionable.

•It is also a good idea to get an extra hearing aid kit to leave at the school, just in case of emergencies. If your student is too young to take care of it themselves, you should be able to leave it with the nurse or another faculty member that is aware of the situation.

•Make sure to inform the school about the student’s condition; communication with the school can go a long way to help ensure they get all the help they need to succeed.

•Many districts and schools provide extra help to disabled students; many offer interpreter services or classroom assistance.

•It’s never a bad idea to look at potential technological help, such as audio recording devices and sound amplifiers.

At the heart of the solution is one straightforward step, from the beginning of the year to the end; make sure you have good communications with the faculty and administration to help make sure the year can start off and run all year smoothly.

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