Why You Need To Schedule a Back to School Hearing Exam

Back to School Hearing Exam

September is finally here, which means two things. The year is almost over, and the new school year has finally begun. While you are busy getting everything you need for your child to have a successful school year, it is crucial that you do not forget to pay a visit to an audiologist. Your child doesn’t just need new books and pencils at the start of the new school year; their hearing health also needs to be addressed. Your child’s education can be profoundly impacted, negatively, if they have an undiagnosed hearing problem. Scheduling a back to school hearing exam is a proactive step to take to ensure that your child has a successful school year.

While hearing screenings are often done in school, you do not want to rely solely on these exams. Both vision and hearing school screenings aren’t as complex as one that you would receive by a trained audiologist. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a hearing health exam should be conducted at the beginning of the school year for children and teenagers. Scheduling a back to school hearing exam can help detect hearing loss in your child and offer solutions to help limit further hearing loss, which can negatively impact your child’s ability to learn. In some cases, additional screening may be required, especially if your child has a developmental delay or comes from a family with a history of early hearing loss.

To help your child start the new school year on the right foot, don’t forget to schedule a back to school hearing exam with a trained medical provider. Your child’s ability to hear can make or break their success in the classroom and profoundly affect their ability to learn, so be sure to contact us today to schedule a hearing examination with our hearing care professionals.

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