What Herbs are Good for Hearing Loss?

Herbs that are Good for Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, it is natural for us to lose our hearing as we age. The deterioration of your ability to hear occurs gradually throughout the years, and it happens at such a pace it makes it difficult for anyone to notice. Typically a person does not see this progression until it affects their lives, and even then, not everyone will admit that they have a hearing problem. While we can’t avoid the aging process, your lifestyle and dietary choices do play a part in this progression and can affect your hearing. Fueling your body properly and watching what you intake plays a huge role when you are trying to maintain your hearing. While there are no natural remedies to cure your impaired hearing, there are plants found in nature that are known to help you preserve your ability to hear. Knowing which herbs that are good for hearing loss may help you maintain what you already have.

What you intake plays a significant role in how well your body functions, ears included. While there are no cures for hearing loss, maintaining a proper diet, and knowing which herbs that are good for hearing loss can go a long way in preserving your ability to hear.

Hawthorn Berry– For centuries, hawthorn berries have been used for high blood pressure and as a remedy for digestive issues. However, hawthorn berry might also help prevent hearing loss, as it improves blood flow and circulation.

Ginkgo Biloba– A popular herb in Chinese medicine has been grown for thousands of years and has a variety of uses. In certain countries, this herb is used to treat inner ear disorders and is thought to increase blood circulation, which may help stabilize hearing loss.

Spearmint– A popular flavor in toothpaste and chewing gum, spearmint contains folic acid, which studies have shown that low levels of folic acid are linked with age-related hearing loss. This pleasant-smelling species of mint contains other antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients as well, so go enjoy some tea!

Garlic– While defining garlic as a spice may be more suitable, it doesn’t change the fact that garlic is excellent for the body, as it contains a plethora of health benefits. Adding garlic to your diet may help combat hearing loss because it helps increase blood flow. Increased blood flow equals a healthy cochlea, which transmits sound impulses to the brain for conversion, so this is an organ you want to keep healthy!

Turmeric– Turmeric has been used since ancient times, and for a good reason, as it has many healing and health properties. Turmeric is excellent at relieving pain and inflammation and is also high in potassium. Getting enough potassium in your diet is vital if you want to have healthy ears. Potassium levels drop naturally as we age, and this can cause problems since potassium plays a crucial role in cell interaction in the inner ear.

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