What Kind of Hearing Aid Accessories are Available?

Hearing Aid Accessories
Many people rely on their hearing aids to assist them, but sometimes a hearing aid needs help in order function at its best. Accessories can be your hearing aid’s best friend but, choosing the right accessories can be complicated and confusing. In order to help, we have compiled a list of the most useful hearing aid accessories available.

Batteries and a Battery Charger

While it might go without saying hearing aids don’t work very well, or not at all when they are having issues with their batteries. Batteries available for hearing aids can be disposable or rechargeable. Keeping extra batteries on hand is a good way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

In today’s high-tech world of smartphones and public Bluetooth, it’s a good idea to stay current with the tech trends as they become available. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can allow you to connect to your smartphone without having to worry about feedback, and many popular museums and public venues now broadcast Bluetooth for their own hearing assistance headsets, which you can pick up with a Bluetooth enabled hearing aid.

Cleaning Kit

Whether your hearing aid is brand new or a bonafide classic model, it always a good idea to keep your hearing as clean as possible, to prevent wax buildup and potential ear infections. Make sure to clean your hearing aid every time you take it out of your ear. Choosing the right kit should be easy, just make sure any kit you buy has; a wax pick, cleaning brush, a protective case, and a multi-tool.

Wax Guards and Extra Parts

One thing we all have is earwax, which helps protect the ear canal from damage. However earwax buildup can inhibit a hearing aids functionality, wax guard help protect the hearing aid from damage. Even with proper maintenance, things break, so it’s a good idea to have a few spare parts on hand just in case of any mishaps.

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