Holiday Gift Ideas for Hearing Impaired Children

With the holidays in full swing, many people are still out in search of the perfect gift for their loved ones. However, we all know that shopping for gifts can be a stressful ordeal. The traffic and the crowds in itself are usually enough to raise someone’s stress levels, and when you have the dilemma of “I don’t know what to get this person,” it can be overwhelming. If there is a child on your holiday gift list that has a hearing impairment, this feeling can become magnified.

Picking out a gift for a child with hearing loss can be tricky. To help guide you on what to watch out when shopping for a hearing-impaired child, check out these helpful tips.

1. If the child wears hearing aids, know that sometimes there can be interference between the toy and the child’s hearing aid. To help prevent this, work with a hearing aid specialist for advice.

2. If the toy that you are looking at gives off a sound, they must have an output for headphones and a way to control the volume. Having these options will help the toy adapt to the hearing ability of the individual child.

3. If the child on your list is totally deaf, know that there are electronic devices and toys out there that can translate sound into written messages or perceptual signals.

4. If the toy gives off sound signals, the sound must be accompanied by a visual signal. Visual signals include vibrations, images, messages, and lights.

5. If it is found that the sound is still too loud on the device, even at its lowest setting, you can reduce the level of sound by placing clear tape over the speaker.

Do you have a child on your holiday gift list with hearing loss, and you don’t know what to get them? If so, check out this list of holiday gift ideas for kids with hearing loss to help lighten the load.

• Sensory toys are always an excellent choice for any child, hearing impaired or not. Sensory toys often provide different experiences, ones that don’t have to include sound. Best part? They are fun, and they are an excellent way to nurture creativity and develop motor skills.

• If the child likes to read, or you want to expose them to the wonderful world of literature, getting them a book that is targeted for the child’s age is an excellent way to promote understanding and acceptance. Many of these books are entertaining, all while educating them, helping their self-esteem, and giving them the awareness that they are not alone.

• Did you know that you can ‘bling’ out a hearing aid? You can add some color and a bit of fun to hearing aids with hearing aid decorations and accessories. Add some flair by using Skinit’s, stickers, and charms. If you are not sure on the type of hearing aid the child has, make sure you work with their parent or guardian to find this out before you buy any accessories for their device.

• Games are always a great idea since they are fun and can promote socialization. Luckily with games, there are options to fit any budget. Board games are a fun way to promote reading, build listening skills. Board games are a great way to learn how to take turns and a good way to reinforce socialization. If your budget allows for it, there are technological devices out there that offer games that are designed specifically for the hearing impaired and can help support listening skills and language development.

• Get the child a doll or stuffed animal that also has a hearing impairment. Build-a-Bear now has a hearing aid accessory available that can fit their custom stuffed animals. A 3D printing technology company, Makies, also can create a doll that looks like the child and can be customized with items such as hearing aids. American Girl Dolls can now be personalized with hearing aids as well, so there are options available. There’s no better way to raise a child’s self-esteem, especially if they are self-conscious of their hearing aid.

Happy Holidays!

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